We only harvest agaves that reach the mature level after 5 to 9 years (depending on the agave).

Our hydrolysis process allows us to take the unpleasant smoky note out of the experience of tasting mezcal, allowing each plant to express itself in every sip.
NAYAA always gives the agave 24 hours of cooking plus another 12 hours having it resting in the oven, allowing the flavor of every agave to concentrate and have better palate notes. Our process is free of chemicals, anti-foaming or any designed yeast, as we only use local and natural yeast.

The fermentation process goes from 2 to 12 days according to weather conditions, we only do it with agave juice, allowing the final product to be bitter free and to have balance, following the Mezcal norm we only use 100% agave sugar.

Why is our mezcal unique and why our mezcal doesn’t have the smoky note?
Because we use water steam that allows us to take away the smoky note that is usually present in other mezcal brands, this way we honor the real agave plant flavor.

  • 1. As a Company that has a strong commitment to the environment Casa Resiu Nayaa allowed the beekeepers of the community of Pilcaya, Guerrero to have their bee colonies in our distillery contributing to the bee preservation.
  • 2. Due our commitment with the wellness of the environment we don´t cut down trees to produce our mezcal avoiding desertification and the risk of drought and landslides, to help the flora and fauna of the environment we reintegrate the bagasse to the soil, drying out the resulting vinasse without harming the environment.

  • 3. All our packaging process is manufactured from recycled material.

  • 1. As a Company that has a connection and love to the land where we plant our agaves we have a social responsibility to the wellness of the community that surrounds our distillery helping its economy by fighting the poverty of the community, following our ideas of social responsibility we got from the minister of social development (SEDESOL) and minister of agriculture development (SAGARPA) a project to deliver agave plants and develop 200 acres of them, by doing this we benefit 160 families from Guerrero state, and once the agave is mature, Nayaa is compromised to buy the agave from them, since we have already signed deals to purchase this agave, giving them the opportunity to have sources for a better and brighter future, especially for the ones that are in the most marginal zones around our distillery.
  • 2. We donated an equipped police station for the safety of the community improving the wellness of the families around.

  • 3. Been concerned of the necessities of the community around our distillery we donated a fully equipped health post, with medicines and a doctor since we noticed people used to walk long distances to receive medical care.

  • 4. We contributed to the economy of the community by building a touristic center, with a hotel and a gas station, this way we helped to fight the poverty of the area, creating new jobs and giving to Pilcaya town the sources to increase tourism.