The Mezcal tour consists of a 2-hour guided tour through our agave fields, production area, packaging and tasting room. Starting by the agave fields, the Casa Nayaá guides share with our visitors all the information about the mezcal, from its origins to curious facts that will surely be new for the majority of you. The field trip takes place in Mercedes Benz vans with air conditioning, and the frequent stops do not require extensive hikes. The contact with nature and the spectacular views offered by our surroundings are always present. After legends, laughter and new knowledge, we arrive at the largest artisan mezcal distillery in Mexico where you will get to know the place where Mezcal Nayaá is made. The tour ends in the Tasting Room, which has the best view of our distillery, where visitors will learn to drink mezcal as experts in an educational tasting. Our experience is different from any of its kind, and unique in the world of mezcal.

What can you expect?

Guided tour of Casa Nayaá, the biggest distillery in Mexico.(Agave fields, production site, packing and labelling).
Educational tasting of the whole range of mezcal Nayaá (5 different bottles: Weber, Cupreata, Criollo, Ensamble and Espadín).
and also
Tasting of Mexican snacks (3 pieces, without drinks), souvenir of Casa Nayaá, refreshing water bottle, frozen sorbet based on fruits and mezcal.

Tarifa general: $950*