Originated in the year 2014 when two Mexican families joined efforts and their own resources to preserve the process of making artisanal mezcal. 100 hectares were bought in the region of Santa Teresa, Pilcaya, in the state of Guerrero, which allows for mezcal domination of origin.

It has an annual average temperature of 88ºF, clay soil, and the main feature: bats, which pollinate the 4 species of agave planted in Nayaá: Curpreata, Criollo, Weber y Espadín.

This is how the first touristic “mescalero” in the country, the biggest in its type and the nearest to Mexico City was born.


Resiú Nayaá Mezcals honor that tradition and are 100% premium quality, translucent, crystal fermented naturally and double distilled in alembic copper pot stills, unique, that’s capture the spirit in four varieties of agave: Espadin, Weber, Cupreata and the crown jewlery, Criollo, each with one distinct characteristics, all grown in the clay soil of the region.

Our Mezcal, continues the artisan tradition of production, following the original processes.




We invite you to be part of the biggest cellar of artisanal mezcal in Mexico.

By purchasing an exclusive and personalized, limited edition bottle made under the standards of the Mezcal Regulatory Council. The bottles are made of blown glass, the perfect conveyance for the aging of Mezcal.

The 24-liter (6.3 gallon) bottles are numbered and hand engraved with the name or motto that you desire. They are kept in our cellar at a steady temperature and in total darkness until the date of shipment or pick-up at our distillery, after the first, second or subsequent years.

For further informations: sales@nayaamezcal.com




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